At Oliv, Verizon Wireless was one of our biggest clients over 2013 and 2014 for which we produced 30 or more interactive ads, ranging from quick, simple and light to heavily extensive and complicated.

Though not our most complicated or groundbreaking in terms of code development, the "Back to School Shuffle" ad stays as my favourite. It attained triple the industry standard interaction rate across 300m views, reaching and engaging users on Hulu, MTV and Fox


The campaign needed to attract parents to purchase new devices for their kids going back to school after the summer break. Our partner agency on the project, Moxie NY, set the central message as "Power their Learning". We had to convey that a new Verizon device was a tool to help educate schoolchildren.

Date: July 2013

Type: Interactive Pre Roll

Client & Partner Agency: Verizon Wireless & Moxie Atlanta

Role: Concept Development, UX, Art Direction, Motion Graphics, Compositing


After a few rounds of concepting between the Moxie team and our own creatives at Oliv, an interaction based around the Tetris game mechanic was decided upon. Working with an easily recognisable game mechanic works very much in our favour as our ads were very time sensitive, the sooner a user can get to playing the experience, the better.

As always the budget was tight and the client was leaning towards an execution solely comprised of digital elements. Our team was abhorrent to this, as we believe that an interaction is always more engaging when there is a human or real physical element to it. We produced a test video (right) to show how simple the production could be and convinced the client that it was worth shooting!


The biggest obstacle to overcome in this project was on the coding side. Our team needed to build objects of different sizes with collision detection that also acted as an alpha channel revealing a large video file. On the design side, our task was to create the right "School-made" feeling while working in a selling element to the experience. Below is a breakdown of the interface we built around the game.


Below is a video made from a screencapture of the live ad. If you are on desktop, you can interact with the full ad here. Make sure you do not have an ad blocker enabled!