Date: February 2013

Type: Interactive Pre Roll

Client: Verizon Wireless

Role: UX, Motion Graphics, Colour Grading

Partnering with Moxie New York and Moxie Atlanta, this was the first production of a long and great collaboration between our teams. A full scale TV ad had already been shot by McGarryBowen and we were required to integrate this content with 4 other stories, for users to choose which they'd like to see. The purpose being that with 4 stories, 4 features of the product could be emphasised.

However there was almost no budget left for the campaign after the cost of the TV ad, so no new footage could be produced and so we had to turn to stock footage to fill the other stories.

The content choice screen at the beginning of the ad was designed to be similar to the Windows Phone interface, in reference to the product being advertised.

For this production, I was part of the team concepting of the interaction and story development, edited and graded the stock footage for the stories and designed and built the UI of the interactive scene. I then oversaw the coding team to ensure the right feeling of the final product.

If you are on desktop and have your Ad Blocker disabled, you can check the actual ad and play for yourself here